Reviews and Testimonials

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We each were mesmerized of his guitar musical skills as well as the range of his musical repertoire.

- Emory Johnson, Director, Music in the Woods Concert Series.

Gorgeous.. marvelous
— Charles Shubow, Broadway World
He has a virtuoso technique that he uses to create music of dramatic power and lyric beauty. He has a real stage charisma that draws the audience into his sonic creations.
— Julian Gray, Chair, Guitar Department at the Peabody Institute
His playing was extremely precise but daring enough to be exciting. His use of the various colors that the guitar has to offer was a big feature of the concert. Ben had a unique way of framing the pieces in an imagined storyline which gave the attendees another dimension in which to enjoy the performance. He struck a very good balance between presenting art and teaching the audience about the pieces. We can’t wait to have Ben back for another performance.
— Rowdy Carlton, President, Treasure Coast Classical Guitar Society